Sameer Gupta

2.16.18 – CD Release Show at Littlefield

The small turnings of life spin into bigger eddies, the wheels within wheels where the everyday meshes with the transcendent. These patterns, captured in gestures, in cycles layered on cycles, have fascinated artists across cultures, across centuries.

They’ve also impacted New York-based composer and musician Sameer Gupta. Like trying to find the start of a complex rhythmic cycle, it’s hard to know where to separate the tabla player and drummer’s inspirations. Cosmic keys and midnight ragas intermingle, while techniques and concepts flow gracefully into one another. Gupta captures the mystery and clarity, alongside the celestial and personal message in his music, and distills it on A Circle Has No Beginning. (release: February 16, 2018)

The fine-tuning of the creative senses in the improvisational moment; that suspension of past and future thinking, informs Gupta’s work, no matter what the style. Fluently moving from kit to tabla, Gupta has years of amalgams and experiments under his belt, from crafting unique jazz tunes to shaking up the Indian classical scene via the Brooklyn Raga Massive and high-profile curation efforts. He has played with everyone from Harry Belafonte and Prince Lasha to Karsh Kale and Liz Wright, and Gupta invited longtime friends from all his worlds to create an album that leaps from busy New York streets to meditative celestial realms.