– October 21, 2010 by S. Victor Aaron

 Carnegie Hall Weil Music Institute Recommendation Letter


screen credit for Raga Simpsons

“Sameer Gupta and David Ewell of the Supplicants soar with the fiery grace of A Love Supreme-era Coltrane.”

– San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Gupta was particularly impressive, bringing cyclical Indian rhythms to his kit work which he augmented on occasion with tabla forays… ”

– Willard Jenkins – The Independant Ear

“…Sameer Gupta’s wire brushes suggested a field of silvery light for [Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards] to dance in.”

“improvising and engaging in sophisticated interplay with bassist David Ewell and drummer-percussionist Sameer Gupta. Highlights include the rippling, Ahmad Jamal-esque “Walk With Me,” the gospel-tinged ballad “So Gracefully” and the atmospheric, tablas-accented excursion “A Long Walk Home.” Gupta contributes another standout, the brush-stroked meditation “Taiwa.”

— Washington Post (

“Gupta is also an accomplished tabla player, and uses his knowledge of…cross-rhythms to create astonishingly original percussive.” – India Currents (

2014 Arun Ramamurthy Trio – Jazz Carnatica

2013 Marc Cary Four Directions (Motema Music)

2011 Neel Murgai Ensemble

2010 Marc Cary Focus Trio Live 2009 (Motema Music)

2010 NAMASKAR (Motema Music)

2009 Marc Cary’s Focus Trio (production/performer) – LIVE 2008

2009 Here Comes The Nice Guy Trio – Guest

2008 VidyA – VIDYA

2008 Srinivas Reddy & Sameer Gupta (production/performer) – HEMANT & JOG

2008 Australian Bebop Ragas – SNAKES AND LADDERS

2008 Emi Meyer – guest

2007 Rupa & The April Fishes – guest

2007 Shotgun Wedding Quintet – guest

2007 Grachan Moncur III (mixing engineer/performer) – INNER CRY BLUES

2006 Hanna Rifkin (production/performer) – APPLES & ORANGES

2005 Kosmic Renaissance – LIVE IN OSAKA Japan Release

2004 Kosmic Renaissance – LIVE IN OSAKA Japan Release

2004 Ben Adams Quintet – OLD THOUGHTS FOR A NEW DAY


2002 Ross Hammond Trio – GAUCHE

2002 The Supplicants (production/performer) – BALANCE

2001  Marc Cary’s Focus Trio – FOCUS

2000  United Brassworkers Front – U.B.F.

      1999  The Supplicants (production/performer) – 1st ENCOUNTER

      1998  Cooke Quartet – SEARCHING

      1996  CHILI PALMER PROJECT (production/performer) – UNCLE JOHN’S ESCAPE

      1995  CLOUD 8 (production/performer) – FEEL NO EVIL

      1994 TOASTMASTERS  (production/performer) – PASS THE JAM