Ross Hammond & Sameer Gupta

“The two improvise an hour’s worth of music, which is dynamic, trance-inducing and nearly impossible to pin down genre-wise. In a way, the album is about how these two experimental musicians melded their own forms of traditional folk music together to create something new—and it was one of the most natural things either musician has ever done.” – Sacramento News Review

With musical roots stretching from India to Appalachia, Ross Hammond & Sameer Gupta have been making inspired, creative music together since 1996. Following the success of their 2016 debut ‘Upward’, their latest release ‘Mystery Well’ (Prescott Recordings 2018) further expands their remarkable dialogue on instruments reflective of their heritage: slide guitar and tabla.
The two have a reputation for adventurous improvisation; Ross has honed is skills with free jazz masters such as Ken Feliano and Oliver Lake while Sameer has worked with many including Marc Cary and Adam Rudolph. The sound of their heartfelt spontaneous compositions are fluid, dynamic, and filled with spirited melodies – a celebration of true freedom in the spirit of Modern Jazz.

Guitars – Ross Hammond
Tabla – Sameer Gupta